Why learn Mexican Spanish?

Hello! Long time no see since I wrote my last post. But here we are today and I would like to get right into the main reason why I strongly believe that it is important to learn Mexican Spanish. There may be reasons for different people to to learn this variation of Spanish at various stages in life… but here are my top 3 Reasons:

  1. The Mexicans really appreciate you. This is important! Because afterall you learn the language because you want to connect to PEOPLE and their culture. How will you do it if they don’t appreciate your Spanish?
  2. You will understand Mexicans better. Hey, did you learn Spanish to find out that actually you are not really understanding a word of what MEXICANS people are saying? :)
  3. The culture is yours. While you might get to know a culture through food and wine and tacos, you also do through Mexican Spanish.

These are my top reasons… what are yours? Let me know, ping me on Facebook or Twitter, post a comment, share with a friend… if you want to learn Spanish Slang, then you are at the right spot! Un abrazo, Tio Mex Spanish

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