How to say Hello in Mexican

How to say Hello in Mexican

Hi Folks, here is a short post for today since I found some people might be starting with the basics. So: How do you say “Hello” in Mexican?

The answer is that you can do so in many ways, some of them are just like in Castillian Spanish. Here for example:

“Hello” – Hola [oh-lah]

or slightly more advanced:

“Hello, how are you? – Hola, ¿cómo estas?”

But you can also say hello by immediately asking “What’s up?”

“¿Qué onda? – What’s up?

I hope this help! Additionally you can check other people’s answers and suggestions on places like:

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Mexican Language

Why the Mexican language is different from other Spanish

We have all been there… you are proud of what you have learned at your Spanish class and talk to you Mexican friend about it, just to hear: “we don’t say that in Mexico!” How annoying!

So clearly, there are differences between the Spanish spoken in Mexico, Colombia and other Latin Amarican countries. Over time I will be discovering more about the language, but here is a start of some particularities:

Mexican Spanish: arete
Peninsular Spanish: pendiente
In English: earring

Mexican Spanish: bañarse
Peninsular Spanish: ducharse
In English: to have a shower

I found this Wiki entry highy interesting:

Here is some background of where the language is different and what it’s origings are: Origins of Mexican Spanish.

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Common Mexican Phrases

Some of the most common Mexican phrases

Mexican Phrase: ¡Orale, güey!
English: Right on, dude!

Mexican Phrase: Ya viene la poli. Estáte trucha.
English: Here come the cops. Be on your toes.

Mexican Phrase: ¿Podria repetir, por favor?
English: Please repeat that.

Mexican Phrases: He comprado una ballena.
English: I bought a (1 litre) bottle of beer.

As you are learning the language I recommen you focus particularly on those phrases that occur often. Once you know those, you can proceed to the more advanced and more specialised words and phrases in Mexican. In any case, have fun with these and let me know if there is something in particular that you want to learn before your trip to Mexico.

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Learn Mexican Spanish

5 tips of how to learn Mexican Spanish

This post is all about learning the Mexican Spanish that you are most likely to encounter during your trip to Mexico. I have made a collection of 10 tips here to help you out. Please let me know if it was useful by leaving a comment below. I wish you all the best for your language adventure and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help with learning spanish! Here we go:

1. Always remember that Spanish spoken all over the world is very similar. In fact, only a few words are different from one region to another. So focus on those words!

2. Travel to Mexico! There is no better way to pick up Mexican Spanish than to talk to real people in real life, where they life and work.

3. Listen lots to Mexican TV and Radio. That way you will learn the pronunciation that is particular to Mexico.

4. Much of the language is actually composed of regional “street words”, or mexican slang. You should learn the words and phrases as you are very likely to hear those in the street.

5. Make sure that you visit this site regularly because there is new content all the time that will help you learn mexican Spanish fast, free and easy!


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Welcome to Mexican Spanish

Are you traveling to Mexico? Worried that your Spanish might be different from the Spanish that is spoken in Mexico? No worries!

Mexican of the week:

updated weekly!

1)  Mexican Spanish: seguido

     Peninsular Spanish: a menudo

     In English: often

2)  Mexican Spanish: ustedes

     Peninsular Spanish: vosotros

     In English: you (familiar, pl)

Connect to more than 112 million people as you travel to Mexico!

These pages will hopefully help you learn the basic Mexican Spanish you need to know to get around and to enjoy your trip.

Have you been to Mexico?

If you have previously traveled to Mexico with little knowledge of the Spanish language then you probably know exactly how hard it is to get by. On the other hand, it is one of the most valuable experiences to actually go out there and learn from real situations and to learn by doing mistakes.

Learn some Mexican Spanish right now:

        Friday 6. Jan 2012

1)  Mexican Spanish: ¿Qué tan graves son los dados?

     English: How serious are the damages?

2) Mexican Spanish: ¡Orale, güey!

    English: Right on, dude!

3)  Mexican Spanish: Será publicado hasta fines de año.

     English: It will not be published until the end of the year.

4) Mexican Spanish: Cierran hasta las nueve.

    English: They don’t close until 9 o’clock.

5)  Mexican Spanish: ¿Qué tan buen cocinero eres?

     English: How good a cook are you?

6)  Mexican Spanish: ¿Qué tanto cuesta?

     English: How much does it cost?

7)  Mexican Spanish: ¿Mande?

     English: (beg your) pardon?

8)  Mexican Spanish: Ahorita

    English: used to say something should happen within an
indeterminate, largely context-dependent period of time.

Why is Mexican Spanish important?

Mexican Spanish is hugely important, due to the economic and strategic importance of the country. There are some crucial differences that you need to know between the Spanish that is spoken in Spain and the Spanish that is spoken in Mexico. Hence, with so many Mexicans on the planet, I believe that while learning Spanish you should always keep an eye on the particularities of the language spoken in that part of the world!

About Mexican Spanish:

As it happens, the Spanish language is spoken by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. And everywhere it is spoken in a slightly different variation. This is not to say that Mexicans and Argentines don’t understand each other. But what it does mean is that there are words you use in one place, that you simply don’t use in another place. Mexican Spanish has assumed quite an important role in the Spanish speaking AND the English speaking world due to the proximity of Mexico with the USA.

The Spanish language came to Mexico by means of being a Spanish colony. The Spanish spoken in Spain then evolved differently from the Spanish spoken in Mexico. This is why there are words, phrases and expressions in Mexican Spanish, that are not commonly used, or sometimes totally unknown to people from Spain.

This site is an attempt to collect all the features of Mexican Spanish that are different from the Spanish spoken in other places.

Feel free to contribute to the collection as it should be ever expanding.

Happy Spanish learning!

Saludos, the Mexican-Spanish Team

Useful Links:

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Study Spanish
Study Spanish in Spain and join the don Quijote Spanish abroad programs. You can choose to study Spanish in different places in Spain and in Mexico.

To get an overview of what Mexican Spanish means and where it comes from you can start by looking at the Wikipedia article.

Mexican Spanish comes in most useful when you are traveling to the country or when you have business relations there. A site that can help you with a lot of background information for planning your trip and for many other things is this one:

The Guadalajara Language centre,, will be a useful stopping point for you if you are trying to learn Mexican Spanish or simply brush up the Spanish you already know.

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This site already has a superb collection of Mexican slang, but you can never learn enough. That’s why we have included this next site that always has something in store with reference to the Mexican Language:

It is very interesting to follow the history of the language in Mexico, since it has evolved not only from the moment the ‘conquistadores’ entered the country, but even before that with its native Mayan and indigenous languages. Wiki provides more:

For the curious, here is an interesting thread about the topic of whether Mexican is a language of its own, or whether it is really just a variation of Spanish. You decide for yourself:

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