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The insider Spanish for Mexico you will only master if you master the Mexican slang. On this page you can find all kinds of Mexican slang expressions. Some of them are very accepted and others are considered very vulgar. Whenever a slang word or expression is vulgar it will be noted as such.

The people of a country decide what is slang and what isn’t. The slang for every region may be different and it certainly evolves over time as the language changes in the use of the native speakers.

1)  Mexican Slang: ¡Orale, güey!

     English: Right on, dude!

2) Mexican Spanish: Tú, animal, ¡vamos!

    English: Dude, let’s go!

3)  Mexican Spanish: Chécalo, güey.

     English: Check it out, dude.

4) Mexican Slang: Necesito chamba. ¿Tú sabes de algo?

    English: I need a job. Do you know of anything?

5)  Mexican Spanish: ¡Qué bajón que todos tuvimos gripe!

     English: It was such a drag that we all had the flu.

6) Mexican Spanish: Tiene un chingo de problemas.

    English: She has a bunch of problems.

7)  Mexican Slang: He comprado una ballena.

     English: I bought a (1 litre) bottle of beer.

8) Mexican Spanish: ¡Qué chido estuvo el juego de futbol!

    English: The football game was awesome!

9)  Mexican Spanish: Voy a comprar un seven.

     English: I’m going to buy a 7 Up.

10) Mexican Spanish: ¿No sabías que tuve una aventura con la secretaria?

    English: Didn’t you know I had an affair with the secretary?

11)  Mexican Spanish: ¡Qué burro eres!

     English: You’re such a dummy!

12) Mexican Spanish: Vamos a reunirnos todos los chavos esta noche en el cine del centro.

    English: All of us kids are going to meet at the downtown cinema tonight.

13) Mexican Spanish: No pudo resistir el cañonazo de 500,000 varos.

    English: He couldn’t resist a huge bribe of 500,000 pesos.

14)  Mexican Slang: ¡Me muero por una cheve!

     English: I’m dying for a beer!

15) Mexican Spanish: ¡Qué chamaco más lindo!

    English: What a sweet little boy!

16) Mexican Spanish: Mi hermano y yo somos de Mexicali, Baja California. Somos cachanías.

    English: My brother and I are from Mexicali, Baja California. We are cachanías.

17)  Mexican Spanish: El caló se refiere a vocabulario callejero usado por los chicanos y mexicanos.

     English: Caló refers to street slang used by Chicanos and Mexicans.

18) Mexican Spanish: “¿Qué tal el restaurant?
- Mmmm, dos tres.”

    English: “How was the restaurant?
- Ummm, so-so.”

19) Mexican Spanish: La tira anda buscando víctimas.

    English: The fuzz are out looking for victims.

20) Mexican Spanish: Ya viene la poli. Estáte trucha.

    English: Here come the cops. Be on your toes.

21) Mexican Slang: Qué fiesta la de anoche! Hasta la señora Cortés se empedó!

    English: What a party last night! Even Mrs. Cortés got drunk!




About Mexican Spanish:

As it happens, the Spanish language is spoken by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. And everywhere it is spoken in a slightly different variation. This is not to say that Mexicans and Argentines don’t understand each other. But what it does mean is that there are words you use in one place, that you simply don’t use in another place. Mexican Spanish has assumed quite an important role in the Spanish speaking AND the English speaking world due to the proximity of Mexico with the USA.

The Spanish language came to Mexico by means of being a Spanish colony. The Spanish spoken in Spain then evolved differently from the Spanish spoken in Mexico. This is why there are words, phrases and expressions in Mexican Spanish, that are not commonly used, or sometimes totally unknown to people from Spain.

This site is an attempt to collect all the features of Mexican Spanish that are different from the Spanish spoken in other places.

Feel free to contribute to the collection as it should be ever expanding.

Happy Spanish learning!

Saludos, the Mexican-Spanish Team

Useful Links:

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Mexican Spanish comes in most useful when you are traveling to the country or when you have business relations there. A site that can help you with a lot of background information for planning your trip and for many other things is this one:

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