Mexican Language

Why the Mexican language is different from other Spanish

We have all been there… you are proud of what you have learned at your Spanish class and talk to you Mexican friend about it, just to hear: “we don’t say that in Mexico!” How annoying!

So clearly, there are differences between the Spanish spoken in Mexico, Colombia and other Latin Amarican countries. Over time I will be discovering more about the language, but here is a start of some particularities:

Mexican Spanish: arete
Peninsular Spanish: pendiente
In English: earring

Mexican Spanish: baƱarse
Peninsular Spanish: ducharse
In English: to have a shower

I found this Wiki entry highy interesting:

Here is some background of where the language is different and what it’s origings are: Origins of Mexican Spanish.

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One Response to Mexican Language

  1. Peter says:

    Hola, I am learning Spanish and I have found the same issue with the Mexican language that it is a little different and not always easy to know which words to use! Thanks for helping with this! Saludos